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The Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship is auspiced by the Diabetes Association of the NT Inc., trading as Healthy Living NT. An independent Board of Governors appointed by, and reporting to the Healthy Living NT Board oversees the operations and advises on the strategic directions of the Fellowship.

Membership of the Board of Governors is the sole prerogative of the Healthy Living NT Board. Members are appointed on the basis of their expertise/eminence in their particular field on an honorary basis for a minimum term of 3 years. The Board of Governors is comprised of community members and the President of Healthy Living NT.  The functions and responsibilities of the Board of Governors include:

  • Acting as sole arbiter on applications, award of Fellowships, and assessment of outcomes.
  • Providing strategic advice on the development and direction of the Fellowship, and 
  • Assisting with promotion of the Fellowship. 

The Fellowship is supported by Healthy Living NT through:

  • Commitment to minimum Fellowship funding of $20,000 per annum 
  • Acceptance of establishment, implementation and on-going administration costs and GST liability on awarded Fellowships.
  • Provision of Fellowship Secretariat, administration and promotion and financial management activities.

Fellowship Tax Implications

The liability of a Fellow/recipient for Income Tax is a matter of decision by the Commissioner of Taxation and the Fellow/recipient.  The Fellowship or Healthy Living NT has no responsibility or authority in this matter.

GST liability will be borne by Healthy Living NT and will not affect the amount of funds allocated to the Fellow for their Fellowship. Applicants who do not have an ABN will be required to sign a “Statement by a Supplier” to exempt Fellowship funding from GST.


Healthy Living NT’s privacy policy complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (‘the Privacy Act’), as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012. Your privacy is respected and personal information will be handled in a sensitive manner.

Information collected on the application and Referee Report Forms (where applicable) will be used for the purpose of selecting Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship recipients and will be provided to the Board of Governors and management staff.

Your personal information is managed in accordance with the Healthy Living NT’s privacy policy. Healthy Living NT may only disclose the information provided by you if required or authorised by law, in accordance with our privacy policy, or in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grant funding.

What information will be made publicly available on award of a Fellowship grant?

  1. Youth Support Fellowship recipients.
    Personal information of Youth Support Fellowship recipients will be maintained as confidential information and will not be released publicly unless formal consent is provided. Healthy Living NT will only publish de-identified (anonymous) information in any public reporting about the Fellowship or its activities as it relates to youth support recipients.
  2. Community Support recipients.
    A successful applicant's name, general details and the subject of the Fellowship or support may be provided as part of a media release at the time the Fellowship Awards are announced. These details will be published in Healthy Living NT’s Annual Report and newsletters and may be used to promote the Fellowship Awards.

A Fellow's or recipient’s name, subject area and report will also be published on the Healthy Living NT website and in Healthy Living NT publications so the community can easily access the Reports and benefit from the Fellowship experience.

If you have any privacy concerns or would like to verify information held about you please contact the CEO, Healthy Living NT, PO Box 40113 CASUARINA NT 0801 in writing or send an email to

Application Information

Application Categories

  1. Youth affected by diabetes
  2. Community grants program

Further information

For further information, please contact:

The Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship
Chief Executive Officer
Healthy Living NT
PO Box 40113

Phone: 08 8927 8488  Fax: 08 8927 8515 

Completed applications may be submitted by post:

The Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship
Chief Executive Officer
Healthy Living NT
PO Box 40113

or  hand Delivery:

The Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship
Chief Executive Officer
Healthy Living NT
Shop 1-3 Tiwi Place (Tiwi Shopping Centre)
TIWI NT 0810