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Healthy & Heartwise Vol. 56 - Springs 2015
HEALTHY & HEARTWISE Spring 2015 Vol 57
  • Superfood Decoder
  • Know your Cocoa from your cacao
  • Health Alert: 25 Years of refining rehab - Five rules for best-practice rehab
  • Advice you dont take sitting down
  • Arteries'taste for garlic
  • Arrhthmia another stroke risk factor
  • Think Zinc for Colds
  • Tania Zaetta
  • Engolfed in wine country
  • Real life story:Young Heart Racing
  • Getting Intense
  • It takes guts to stay well
  • Making old bones
  • Losing the menopause muffin top
  • Anti-inflammatory eating
  • Real Life Story: Troy Cassar-Daley - Keeping an ear for music
  • Healthy Heart: Sleep till your Heart's Content
  • The Superfood Decoder
  • Echo, ECG, tests and a team
  • Water pills and retention
  • Weight and lifestyle
  • Succeed at living with heart failure
  • Chef's chat: In the footsteps of Alexander
  • Chef's chat: Tobie Healthy or Not to be?
  • Recipes

Healthy & Heartwise 57





Healthy & Heartwise / Dealing with Diabetes Vol. 56 
  • The 2015 FLU: Why you need your shot now
  • Maggie Beer: Cooking Up an appetite for life
  • Fermented, Soaked and Smoked Foods: Do they 'activate'
    health or leave it in a pickle
  • Will superfood supplements save you
  • All about: interval training
  • Recipes: A harvest of seasonal produce from Teresa Cutter,
    Matthew Evans and more best selling chefs
  • Why everything's coming up coconuts
  • How Technology is changing health
  • Painkillers killing heart patients?
  • Helping heartache after heart attack
  • Healthy Travel
  • Healthy Mind: Anxiety, guilt, hypersensitivity and morbid
    thoughts are all commonly managed emotions after a heart event
  • A new section on heart conditios, starting with the most
    common: coronary artery disease
  • The drugs that lower high blood pressure are discussed
    with pharmacist Daniel Scandrett-Smith


  • Medications that lower blood glucose levels
  • A healthy appettite depends on how two hormones mix
  • Nerve damage - the long term complication from poorly
    managed diabetes
  • is the humble egg a white orb of deadly cholesterol or
    a good start the day
  • Lifestyle change treats newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes
  • Take advantage of the cooler weather to get more active
  • Caring for an older person with diabetes
  • How to save your sight from the effects of hyperglycaemia
  • How to save your sight from the effect of hyperglycaemia
  • Diabetes news

Healthy & Heartwise 56




Dealing With Diabetes 56



Healthy & Heartwise / Dealing with Diabetes Vol. 55 Spring | Summer
  • Cover Story: Ita Buttrose
  • Safe travel for the 'HIGH RISK'
  • 20 New Recipes from the celebrity chefs 
  • Fibre, FODMAPs & Wholegrains
  • Allergen-free shopping
  • Eye 2 Eye with Ita, her vision for healthy ageing
  • Potassium: How it can lower blood pressure
  • Weight loss for summer - does Paleo mean lean?
  • Sex, soul, excercise & relationships
  • Health Alert: Where's the salt?
  • One Pill Fits all cardio patients
  • No Driving for a month after stroke
  • Further with fibre post-heart attack
  • Healthy Weight: Does Clean mean lean?
  • Healthy Rehab: Cardio-physio
  • High Blood Pressure? Have a Banana
  • Stroke
  • Going Grain
  • Healthy Travel: Doorway to renewal
  • Healthy Mind: Healing Feeling


  • Healthy Mediterranean breakfasts, lunches,
    main and deserts from top international chefs
  • Summer salads: Michelle Bridges & Ros Dobson
  • Excercise around an injury
  • Making sense of sugar vs sweeteners
  • Could you havediabetes burnout?
  • Is big farmer to blame?
  • Diabetic women's hearts more at risk

Healthy & Heartwise 55






Dealing With Diabetes 54

Healthy & Heartwise / Dealing With Diabetes Vol. 54 Spring | Summer
  • Shelley Craft, Making room to laugh
  • The cholesterol controversy
  • Excercise after a cardiac event
  • Coping Post Heart Attack
  • Health Alert: Great Big Fat Spat
  • What ate the chocolate?
  • Life After Heart Surgery: How do you feel?
  • Moving to Mend
  • Healthy Men: Holding it in
  • Healthy Weight: Taking The knife to fat
  • Breast Cancer
  • Heartburn: The burning facts
  • Long life legumes!
  • Avoiding the Winter Belt
  • Shaken Not Starved
  • All about Angina
  • 16 recipes with fresh seasonal ingredients
  • What can I eat with a gastric bypass or lapband
  • Old comfort Food, avoid winter weight gain
  • Breast cancer, what screening means
  • When Hormones go wrong
  • Lee Holmes: Holmes-some health and Beauty
  • Janni Kyritsis: as it is!


  • Q&A: Your diabetes queries answered 
  • Diabetes & Feet: Keeping your nerve
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Driving and Diabetes
  • Minding your mouth
  • Depression
  • Chocolate... Yes you can - even if you have diabetes
    or heart disease
  • 16 Heart Warming recipes
  • Food Labels, our guide to reading between the lines
  • Can't sleep? You might have restless legs syndrome

Healthy Heartwise 54





Dealing With Diabetes 54

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