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A board of voluntary people elected annually governs Healthy Living NT. Healthy Living NT's board is comprised of people with diabetes, health professionals and members of the public with a general interest in diabetes. The board possess a wide range of skills, expertise and experience. The average length of service of the current board is eight years, indicating a high level of stability.

The full board meets every two months with an Executive Board attending to the administration of the organisation between meetings.

Healthy Living NTs Board has five main roles:

  • Governance
  • Policy and Corporate Strategy
  • Accountability
  • Public Relations
  • Risk Management

Board Members 2016/2017

President and Public Officer Ron O'Brien
Vice Presidents Mary Fox
Vice President Yvonne Rowan
Treasurer/ Secretary Paul Gooding OAM
Board Member Rob Hall
Board Member Ruth Quinn
Board Member William De Decker
Board Member Josie Bacus
Board Member Benjamin Smith


 Anne Kemp

Opportunity for young people


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The Board of Healthy Living NT is keen to encourage younger people to join them, to speak about the issues facing them and be a voice on the Board for other young people affected by diabetes. 

We understand that the hectic lifestyle of younger people – busy jobs, lives or young families - means that it is often not possible to take on the time demands of also being on a Board; but we also realise that you are the future of our Association.

So with this in mind, we have developed a CPD program valued at up to $5,000 to support a younger person’s participation on the Board. Being a member of the Board will help you gain learning and development experience in governance and management. It will also give you the opportunity to participate and to share with us a younger person’s perspective on various issues.

For further information and benefit of joining the Healthy Living NT Board please click here 


Healthy Living NT Governance


Please click on the links below to find all the information you will need relating to the governance of Healthy Living NT.

Annual Reports

Corporate Governance

Strategic Goals

Annual General Meeting


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