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Diabetes Resources

Information sheets produced by State and Territory diabetes organisations:

NDSS Fact Sheet updated March 2017

1 Understanding Pre-Diabetes    23 Alcohol
2 Understanding Type 2 Diabetes 24 Alternative Sweeteners
3 Understanding Type 1 Diabetes 25 Carbohydrate Counting and Diabetes
4 Understanding Gestational Diabetes 26 Eating Out
5 Blood Glucose Monitoring 27 Food Choices for People with Diabetes
6 Coeliac Disease and diabetes 28 Glycemic Index
7 Insulin 29 Healthy Meal Ideas
8 Managing Hypoglycaemia 30 Healthy Snacks

Managing Sick Days for Type 2 Diabetes 

31 Hints for Healthy Cooking
10 Managing Sick Days for Type 1 Diabetes 32 Physical Activity
11 Pregnancy and Diabetes 33 Understanding Food Labels
12 Steroid Medications and Diabetes 34 Adjusting to Life with Diabetes
13 Surgeries and Hospital Stays


Concern about starting insulin
14 Travel 36 Diabetes and Anxiety
15 Diabetes related complications 37 Diabetes and Disordered Eating
16 Looking after your dental health 38 Diabetes and Distress
17 Looking after your eyes 39 Fear of Hypoglycaemia
18 Looking After Your Feet 40 Peer Support for Diabetes
19 Looking After Your Heart 41  Polycistic Ovary Syndrome
20 Looking After Your Kidneys    
21 Sexual Health and Diabetes    
22 Your Diabetes Annual Cycle of Care    


Information sheets produced by Healthy Living NT:

1 Blood Ketone Monitoring


Diabetes Facts
3 Storage of Test Strips Free Foods
5 Glycemic Index for Carbohydrate Foods 6 Goals of Management for people with type 2 diabetes
7 HbA1c and BGL 8 Healthy Eating for Mother's to be with GDM
Healthy Living NT Standard Drink Guide 10 How to Get a Drop of Blood for Testing
11  Insulin Pen Devices 12 Insulin Titration Type 2
13  Melioidosis 14 Mixing Insulin
15  Safe Sharps Disposal 16 Sources of Carbohydrate Foods
17  Storage of Insulin Revised 18 Whoever Said Exercise Was Easy
19 What is a serve of dairy and meat? 20 What is a serve of Vegetables and Fruit


NDSS Resources

A range of further diabetes information resources are also supplied by the NDSS - click here for a complete listing.


Multilingual Diabetes Information

For diabetes information sheets in different languages, please follow the links below:


Diabetes FAQ


Cardiac Resources


Information sheets produced by Healthy Living NT are shown below. Healthy Living NT also recommends the National Heart Foundation ( as valuable source for information about heart disease.

1 Ace Inhibitors 2 Activities Pamphlet Heart Attack Final
3 Activity at Home 4 Activity Guidelines After A Heart Attack Surgery
5 AICD- Automated Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillato 6 Amiodarone
7 Angina Management Plan 8 Aspirin
9 Atrial Fibrillation 10 Beta Blockers
11 Blood Presure 12 Calcium Channel Blockers
13 Cardiac Risk Factor 14 Cholesterol Lowering Agents
15 Clopidogrel 16 Digoxin
17 Heart Exercise Booklet 18 Loop Diuretics
19 Making the Most of Your GP 20 Nitrates 
21 Relaxation Technique 21 Information for People Travelling to Adelaide for Heart Procedures 
23 Driving Restriction - Cardiac 24 Brilinta 



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