Healthy Living NT


One of Healthy Living NTs key roles is to represent the interests and concerns of people living with diabetes, heart disease and related chronic conditions throughout the Northern Territory. One of our primary roles is to advocate on behalf of all people with diabetes and their families. Healthy Living NT provides advocacy on a range of issues, including:

  • Policy development - Healthy Living NT lobbies government and other bodies on behalf of people with diabetes
  • Service provision - Healthy Living NT indpendently and through the Good Health Alliance NT, actively lobbies government and health funders to improve the scope and accessibility to vital services needed by people with chronic diseases in the Northern Territory
  • Sharps disposal facilities for people with diabetes in the Northern Territory
  • Drivers licences, machine operator licences and the defence forces. Healthy Living NT continues to work with consumer groups and regulatory bodies to seek satisfactory resolutions in respect to these issues
  • Schools - Healthy Living NT works extensively with schools where there are children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes to ensure that a school and its staff are aware of their duty of care to children who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes educators can also speak to the classmates of these children in order to teach them about the condition and to help dispel the myths that can sometimes lead to discrimination.

If you have any questions or need help in dealing with legal matters, workplace problems or other issues of discrimination related to diabetes, please contact us on 08 8927 8488 or email:

PHONE 08 8927 8488

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